Compression Socks

How to measure?

Calf Circumference
Measure around widest part of muscle. Note: this is most important for sort purpose and gives optimal compression.
Ankle circumference
Measure around narrowest part of the ankle about half an inch above the ankle bone. Note: This is most important if have swollen legs.
Foot size
Product is highly elastic from the foot sole and fits most cases. Note: if you have big difference between calf circumference and foot size combine with OX-Series to find unique sizing(Ankle & Calf).

ZeroPoint Compression Sock Size Table

SIZESHOESIZE (cm / inch)ANKLE (cm / inch)CALF (cm / inch)
W135-37 / 2-4.517-20 / 6.7-7.928-34 / 11-13.4
W238-40 / 5-7.520-23 / 7.9-932-37 / 12.6-14.6
W340-42 / 7.5-9.523-26 / 9-10.237-43 / 14.6-16.9
M139-41 / 5.5-7.520-22 / 7.9-8.733-37 / 13-14.6
M242-44 / 8-10.523-25 / 9-9.937-42 / 14.6-16.5
M345-47 / 11-13.525-27 / 9.9-10.741-46 / 16.1-18.1

Alpine Medium Compression Sock M


Specifically designed and developed for alpine activities

Compression level: Medium 15-20 mmHg

The Alpine Sock is part of Zeropoints new outdoor sport range and is specifically designed for alpine activities. The sock has reinforced areas on the front and back lower leg to ease the pressure that falls on the lower leg during activities. The sock is light with high elasticity making it a perfect fit for tight fitting ski boots.

The high level of merino wool (50%) has multiple benefits during skiing. With merino wool closest to your body you will stay warm during cold weather and cool during warm climate. If you lower the intensity of your activity or take a break from the slopes the merino wool will make sure to keep you warm even though you are sweaty since the material wicks away moisture and regulate your body temprature.

Size Guide

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Technical details

50% Merino Wool 25% Nylon 25% Lycra

  • Medium compression
  • Antibacterial
  • Optimal thermal balance
  • Multi climate
  • Softer and stronger toe & heel area

Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag. Gentle machine wash after every use in 30 °C without fabric softeners. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

Read more about compression here: Why Compression!


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