Compression Socks

How to measure?

Calf Circumference
Measure around widest part of muscle. Note: this is most important for sort purpose and gives optimal compression.  
Foot size
Product is highly elastic from the foot sole and fits most cases. Note: if you have big difference between calf circumference and foot size combine with OX-Series to find unique sizing (Foot & Calf).

ZeroPoint Compression Sock Size Table

SIZESHOESIZE (cm / inch)CALF (cm / inch)
W135-37 / 2-4.528-34 / 11-13.4
W238-40 / 5-7.532-37 / 12.6-14.6
W340-42 / 7.5-9.537-43 / 14.6-16.9
M139-41 / 5.5-7.533-37 / 13-14.6
M242-44 / 8-10.537-42 / 14.6-16.5
M345-47 / 11-13.541-46 / 16.1-18.1

Hybrid Medium Compression Sock, Pink


Designed with your feet in mind. Prevents swelling for those that spend a lot of time standing at work or traveling

Hybrid Silver Compression Sock is designed for all-day use. This sock is great for a wide variety of purposes such as training, sports, work and travel. The silver yarn used in the foot sole helps fight microbes and odours.

Compression level: Medium

Usable for

  hiking travelling well being

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Medium Compression Support Socks, Pink

  • Increased blood flow, more oxygen to muscles
  • Removes metabolic waste, faster recovery from exercising
  • Reduced risk of muscle cramps
  • Keeps feet warm by regulating the body temperature in an optimal way
  • Ideal for travel or long periods of standing, prevents swelling of legs and feet
  • Supports optimal stance and posture

These Pink Medium Compression Support Socks have a medium graduated compression, is lightweight, highly elastic and the ideal to support for your legs during travel or for long periods of standing or sedentary work as they prevent swelling of legs and feet.

  • Odor reducing
  • Thermoregulating
  • Moisture management
  • Anatomical fit
  • Softer and stronger toe & heel area

Materials & care

65 % Nylon / 25 % Lycra / 10% X-StaticⓇ

This sock has the highest possible Oeko-Tex -ranking, so you know for sure, that this is 100% free from harmful substances.

  • Wash in 40°C
  • Do not iron, bleach, dry clean or tumble dry
  • No need for fabric softeners
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Use a washing bag

  Finnish Olympic Team Partner

Benefits of compression socks for Serious Medical Conditions

There are some serious reasons and conditions that can benefit from wearing compression socks. If you are suffering from any sort of vein disease, such as varicose veins, wearing compression socks can help prevent your condition from becoming far more serious, including developing clots in your legs that can travel to the heart.

Compression socks can increase circulation and prevent blood clots that cause serious vein disease including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Additionally, you will find that physicians, following surgery and many medical procedures, often prescribe compression garments. Due to the nature of compression that increases blood circulation, patients will find that the healing procedure will often be faster and discomfort lessened. So, you may be wondering if you can see the benefits of compression socks. Well, you can check with your physician if you are experiencing any symptoms of vein disease to see if compression socks will help.

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  1. Jorna Blokland

    Zp compression socks are the best. No more restless legs

  2. Federica

    I’ve been using them while walking and my legs felt much lighter

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