Compression Socks

How to measure?

Calf Circumference
Measure around widest part of muscle. Note: this is most important for sort purpose and gives optimal compression.  
Foot size
Product is highly elastic from the foot sole and fits most cases. Note: if you have big difference between calf circumference and foot size combine with OX-Series to find unique sizing (Foot & Calf).

ZeroPoint Compression Sock Size Table

SIZESHOESIZE (cm / inch)CALF (cm / inch)
W135-37 / 2-4.528-34 / 11-13.4
W238-40 / 5-7.532-37 / 12.6-14.6
W340-42 / 7.5-9.537-43 / 14.6-16.9
M139-41 / 5.5-7.533-37 / 13-14.6
M242-44 / 8-10.537-42 / 14.6-16.5
M345-47 / 11-13.541-46 / 16.1-18.1

Intense High Compression Socks 2Stripe


Scientifically optimized compression for intensive sport and recovery.

Zeropoint Intense Compression Socks combine cutting-edge technical features, high-quality materials, precisely targeted details and optimized compression. Intense Socks are created for exercise, high performance and recovery. They are also perfect for treatment and prevention of sport-related injuries.

”Wearing Zeropoint products while exercising and after helps a ton for the recovery. It is not all about function either, I really love the look and feel of the products and they fit well with the lifestyle I am representing.”
– Eero Ettala, Snowboarder

Compression level: High

Usable for

 running    lifting  athletics   cycling
ball games

Size Guide

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Intense High Compression Sock

  • Increased blood flow, more oxygen to muscles
  • Removes metabolic waste, faster recovery and better stability during the exercise
  • Reduced risk of muscle cramps
  • Perfect for treatment and prevention of sports injuries
  • Optimal support for muscles
  • Leg muscles get warmed up faster
  • Improves the accuracy of movement
  • Better stance, helps to fix shin splints, flat feet and ankle problems

Technical Details

Made of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra

  1. Anatomical fit: special compression weaving throughout the foot sole gives you a unique glove-like fitting.
  2. Air flow: Air ventilation construction inside the sock.
  3. Padded protection area: Foot sole, ankle, shin and Achilles tendon.
  4. Softer and stronger fabrication: at the toe and heel area for a feeling of comfort and reducing blistering.

  Finnish Olympic Team Partner

Just What is “Compression” Gear / Clothing

You may have heard the term compression clothing being discussed. It’s currently an umbrella term of clothing that can sometimes include some “over-the-top” colors and styles. However, it is important to be aware that true compression clothing does serve a purpose and offers many benefits.

The purpose of compression clothing is to help increase blood circulation and lymphatic fluid flow to limbs. This type of clothing is purported to improve performance, along with improving recovery times, when worn post-workout. Compression gear got its start among runners and triathletes and studies have show that when wearing compression garments there is an increase in oxygen intake to the muscles, blood lactate levels are reduced and warm up routines are improved. Compression clothing can also keep you warm and dry. And in the majority of cases they look great!

Every individual athlete or recreational sportsperson has different needs, styles of training, and individual expectations. All in all High Compression socks are best for intense training or short periods of time (1-3 hours). Medium Compression helps when you have to wear the socks, stand or travel for a long time.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 200 × 115 × 25 mm

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7 reviews for Intense High Compression Socks 2Stripe

  1. Henri V.

    Great product for longer runs as well as for recovery. Fits well and comfortable to be used for hours

  2. Marzia Montesi

    excellent compression. excellent support and materials. I wear it even at rest and I no longer have pain in my calves due to poor circulation.

  3. Semu

    Looks cool and helps with calves.

  4. Lucrezia

  5. Valery Lazzaroni

    I have this in two colors and is my favorite product!

  6. Ken Schepmans

    The style speaks for itself . Either you love them or you hate them. I love the retro effect.
    But the reason I love them even more is the quality. The texture , the compression it feels like running with wings.

  7. Tessa

    These socks feel and look good, good compression 👌🏻

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