Compression Socks

How to measure?

Calf Circumference
Measure around widest part of muscle. Note: this is most important for sort purpose and gives optimal compression.
Ankle circumference
Measure around narrowest part of the ankle about half an inch above the ankle bone. Note: This is most important if have swollen legs.
Foot size
Product is highly elastic from the foot sole and fits most cases. Note: if you have big difference between calf circumference and foot size combine with OX-Series to find unique sizing(Ankle & Calf).

ZeroPoint Compression Sock Size Table

SIZESHOESIZE (cm / inch)ANKLE (cm / inch)CALF (cm / inch)
W135-37 / 2-4.517-20 / 6.7-7.928-34 / 11-13.4
W238-40 / 5-7.520-23 / 7.9-932-37 / 12.6-14.6
W340-42 / 7.5-9.523-26 / 9-10.237-43 / 14.6-16.9
M139-41 / 5.5-7.520-22 / 7.9-8.733-37 / 13-14.6
M242-44 / 8-10.523-25 / 9-9.937-42 / 14.6-16.5
M345-47 / 11-13.525-27 / 9.9-10.741-46 / 16.1-18.1

Merino Wool Socks W

44.90  33.70 

Combines the comfort of Merino wool with the latest-technology power compression materials

Compression level: Medium

Zeropoint Merino Wool Compression Socks are made of 50% Merino Wool. They are a great choice for sports, work, leisure and travel. Merino Wool Socks are breathable, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The socks resist creasing and have natural anti-static and anti-odor properties. Socks absorb moisture and are perfect for all weather conditions. They also help in preventing and treating sports injuries.

Size Guide


Technical details

Made of 50% Merino Wool, 25% Lycra and 25% Nylon

  1. Anatomical fit: special compression weaving throughout the foot sole gives you a unique glove-like fitting.
  2. Air flow: Air ventilation construction inside the sock.
  3. Softer and stronger fabrication: at the toe and heel area for a feeling of comfort and reducing blistering.
  4. Merino material helps keep your feet dry, warm when wet and cool during warm.

Benefits Of Compression
Merino Wool Socks

  • Breathes naturally
  • Optimum thermal balance for all climates
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Better circulation
  • Better energy, performance and recovery
  • Targeted compression

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