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Thermal Compression Tights Women


Warmth for all your outdoor activities

These tights are designed for outdoor activities and training even in colder weather. Excellent choice for all colder outdoor activity, for example ice-skating or cross-country skiing.

Compression level: Medium

Usable for

running    cross country    ice skating


Womens Low

In order to know your size please measure your height and weight. Click the image to enlarge.

zeropoint-size-guide-women-12   Women's Size Chart Tallenna

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Thermal Compression Tights

  • Increased blood circulation, thus more oxygen to muscles
  • Helps to relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Reduces the time taken for muscles to repair themselves
  • Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain
  • Light support for muscles and joint stabilization
  • Unprecedented thermal insulation

These tights are made of a unique material, which undergoes a special brush technique to increase thermal insulation ability. Stemming from a long research on the properties of the fur of the polar bear. Therefore it is extremely comfortable to wear and high-tech brushed fabric is particularly pleasant on the skin. Thermal Tights are designed for people who love outdoor sports and who wish to keep training also in bad weather conditions. Reflective elements and logos to keep you visible in the dark.

  • Excellent breathability
  • Odor reducing
  • Two-way stretch
  • High waist
  • Zipped pocket at the back
  • Anatomical fit
  • Reflective details

Materials & care

85% Polyamide / 15% LycraⓇSport

These tights have the highest possible Oeko-Tex -ranking, so you know for sure, that they are 100% free from harmful substances. 

  • Wash in 40°C
  • Do not iron, bleach, dry clean or tumble dry
  • No need for fabric softeners

Benefits of Compression in Cold Weather

Compression gear is designed to keep your body at an optimal temperature during any type of workout, so it will be especially beneficial in the cold. Compression clothing can be used as a base layer in colder weather. The form-fitting gear works well as an additional layer between any type of workout gear, including tracksuits and ski pants. These garments will not restrict your movement and will not impede your entire range of motions, all while keeping you warmer. When your muscles are kept warmer, you will avoid pulled muscles and cramps. Additionally, compression gear increases your circulation so your muscles will be receiving an optimal blood flow.

Speaking of circulation, because compression gear increases circulation, your blood will receive more oxygen, which will help your performance, and keep you a bit warmer. Compression gear is constructed with materials that can eliminate moisture, eradicate or retain body heat to provide the wearer with a dry, comfortable solution, no matter the weather. Compression gear can also help you avoid possible chafing that can happen with sports such as running and skiing in the winter months.

Finally, compression gear, in addition to providing many benefits during a workout, can help with a faster after-workout recovery. Because one of the main benefits of compression provides is higher circulation levels, compression gear can help eliminate lactate build up in the muscles. It is this build up that often leads to soreness in your muscles. Many compression wearers indicate that compression tights are one of the most popular gear types for cold weather. However, you can also try wearing shirts, socks, stockings, and sleeves depending on your sport and your compression needs.

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